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• Free tailoring class for poor women and girls.
• Free spoken English class for poor students (Tamil medium)
• Free judo class for poor boys and girls these who interested.
• Helping monthly wise by giving food and money for unhelped poor very old citizen.
• Woman empowerment.
• For poor students by providing educational help.
• Cultural programmes for poor children (Tailoring students and spoken English students to make them happy by providing food and also to encourage them by giving them gifts).
• So many parents are left by their’s children that kind of old people “The Nanagam Charitable Trust” taking care of them in many ways.

• The trust shall be of public nonprofit making and free service oriented nature.
• The objects of the trust means to provide relief to the poor, education , medicalrelief and advancement of any other objects of general public utility without any motive for profit.
• To provide relief of the poor women, widow and their children.
• To run medical centres, clinics , poly clinics and other institution for providing medical facilities to the poor and needly people as also handicapped and blind people without motive for profit.
• To establish hospitals or other institution for the reception and of persons suffering from illness , aides, medical defectivness, and of physically handicapped people or for the reception and treatment of persons during con-valescence, or of persons requiring medical attention or rehabilation, exisiting solely for philanthropic purposes and not for purposes of profit.
• To run counseling centres for women those are affected by the family problems, aids , patients and variety of activities and services during convalescence period of free of cost without any motive for profit.
• To establish, maintain run improve and develop educational institution, schools, colleges, old age home, orphanages, including hostels, tailoring, arts and crafts without any motive for profit.
• To award scholarships, prizes for the poor and deserving students.
• To give donation to educational and medical institutions run for charitable purposes and to any similar situations having similar objects.
• To conduct poor feeding and to give food, clothing cash grants to the poor needy and defectives in time of their needs without any distinction caste greed community or religion and to offered relief to the people in discourse affected by earthquake, floods famine pestilence and other causes and to grant donations for the support of inmates of orphanages, donation gifts presence aids grants.

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